Having been absent from the jailbreak community for a while, I wanted to update everyone.

I currently do not have a jailbroken device whatsoever. I updated my main device to iOS 11 beta, as well as an iPad, to use for development of SongShift. SongShift, as most know about me, is my playlist transferring app on the App Store. I've spent the better part of Spring and all Summer working on the next big feature update. (Release should be this month! 🎉! Expect more details and beta soon.)

For the most part I have not worked on any jailbreak tweaks in the last couple months. At first I did have time set aside for tweaks, splitting days into two 5/hr chunks. But this quickly began slipping to include more and more hours on App Store work. Trying to split both with family time ultimately became too stressful to handle. For my sanity and productivity, I choose to focus on one only.

I know I have quite a few tweak projects many would like to see a proper release of. Many will probably say they are "dead" even. This is not the case. I updated most of these projects for iOS 10 when I was jailbroken. Though releases of them, in beta form or public, did not happen for many reasons, they are not dead. My plans for these is to update them for iOS 11 and then release. If no proper iOS 11 jailbreak materializes, I will release them for iOS 9/10 (some even on iOS 8). For those who've asked, I will consider open sourcing them at that time. I am hesitant to do that right now since I've seen many cases of code stolen and copy pasted by 'developers'. I'd rather wait and see.

I hope my decision to solely work on App Store projects these past months makes sense. I did not make it lightly. Jailbreaking will always have a special place in my heart. I'd hate for anyone to get the wrong idea of why I made the decisions I did.

I look forward to jailbreaking again in the future and making SpringBoard greater. Again.