Julian 2 is now available for iOS devices running iOS 10+ and watchOS 3.0+. It's not a huge update in terms of features but then again feature packed is not what Julian aims to be.

I originally released Julian 1.0 early 2016 with a very crude design. This was one of my first AppStore apps and it showed. Interestingly enough though, people downloaded Julian and actually used it. Not only did they use it though, people liked it enough to rate it as well. (Which is interesting since I didn't add in-app links to share or rate Julian. It was just a test app why would I right?)

With Julian 2 I've put some more effort into making Julian look modern. Using a floating card like design, I've made presenting the Julian date a bit more...pretty? Using UIInterpolatingMotionEffect's I've also tried giving it some life by making the floating card have some parallax like effect to it.

Along with updating its look, I've squashed some bugs which were reported and included a new Today Widget.

Julian Today Widget

Again keeping the simplicity idea in mind.

Thanks to everyone who uses Julian, hope you enjoy the update.

Download Julian 2

Edit: I've gotten reports the complications are not updating. I've looked into the issue and submitted an update to fix this issue as well as include a couple new features. Julian 2.1 should roll out within the week.